The word ‘Susu’ comes originally from the Akan language and it means ‘little by little’

The little financial contributions by the group helps to build individuals up and in the process the entire group gets stronger.

Simultaneously the group learns to collaborate for the purpose of building up the real wealth of its members.

The ripple effect of this type of collaborative wealth creation is the tremendous mutual respect, love and care that is generated between individual members of that community and shared across the wider society. 

Then as the users become more confident they will use the system to raise much larger sums for larger projects. This becomes an incremental approach to economic and social development and transformation of the community.

The term ‘Susumi’ comes from a Japanese word which translates to:
“to make progress beautifully”

It can also be used in a Nigerian Yoruba language sense to mean ‘My Susu’ – Susu mi. 

The implication is that each Susumi user begins a journey towards creating wealth by creating a Susu and bringing along with Members of his Susu or the Susus he has been a Member of.

The success of this journey would largely depend on the full understanding of the benefits of Susumi by its users so that the users can become its strongest evangelists within their own networks and communities.