Welcome To Susumi Capital

A Revolutionary Model For Cooperative Finance

Susumi Platform

Susumi Capital is a blockchain platform for using small units of capital from large groups of people to build financially strong individuals and sustainable business projects in developing communities

Personal Finance

Our Decentralised Crowdfunding App enables individuals raise money in Cryptocurrency for lifestyle challenges by simply obtaining the $SUSU Token

Group Funding

Communities can quickly and successfully fundraise by creating a Susu Fund on the Susumi App and giving incentives to their members.


Susumi Capital provides planning and marketing support to entities that wish to successfully Tokenise business or infrastructure projects using blockchain technology

Investment Projects

Entrepreneurs, Communities and even Governments can use our technology to finance infrastructure projects quickly.

Mobile App

Integrated Mobile Wallet will allow users to raise money on the Blockchain and make payments offline.

Community NFTs

Active Susuists can consolidate their position in the Susumi community with collectible NFTs. Susumi NFTs also provide Token income and other bonuses.

Welcome To Susumi Capital

Decentralised Crowdfunding

A Blockchain Platform For Cooperative Finance

Susumi Crowdfunding is LIVE


DeFi For People And Communities

$SUSU Token By Susumi Capital

The revolutionary Cryptocurrency Token that rewards you for giving others money.

Decentralised Crowdfunding App

A unique Crowdfunding App that enables individuals to raise funds in Cryptocurrency Stable Coins

How Susumi Works

If for example one person in the community needs to raise $1200.
Then 12 people from the community can each donate $100 = $1200 to the person that needs it.

Guranteed Return

Susumi guarantees to give back to each of the 12 Donors, $100 worth of $SUSU Tokens.
Susumi can also help each of the 12 donors to raise $1200 for themselves if they need to do so immediately

The Susumi Principle

You Give, You Get. Simple


DeFi For People And Communities Globally

Decentralised Susu Finance App
Unique Crowdfunding App based on the traditional Susu system. Enables individuals to raise funds for anything quickly.
SUSU Token
The revolutionary Cryptocurrency Token that rewards you for giving others money.
Asset Tokenisation
Our Crowd Investment Technology designed to fractionalize assets and expedite fundraising processes for businesses and communities
Decentralised Exchange
Our innovative and super-fast P2P, B2C Cryptocurrency Exchange and Payments Platform

THE Susumi Blockchain Solution

Unique Distribution
$SUSU Tokens are distributed via the Susumi Crowdfunding Smart Contract as rewards for donation to campaigns.
Functional Utility
$SUSU has a transactional purpose. Holders use it to raise funds. The value of the Token is derived more from its use than from speculation.
Mobile Payment
Susumi Mobile App with integrated Wallet allows you to earn Cryptocurrency on the Blockchain and pay offline.
Secure & Transparent
The Susumi Business model is thoroughly audited, the Smart Contracts and Token codes are fully certified.

Susumi Coin Token Contract: 0x583Bf0642a92cF7512dd120f7669BDd8173b7A4F

Road map

Our Strategic Evolution

Feb 2019


  • Concept Development
  • Research
Mar 2021


  • Team Assembly
May 2021

Product Development

  • Contractors and advisors engaged
Nov 2021

White Paper

  • Release and Publication
Mar 2022

App Alpha Test

  • Testing and Audit of Smart Contract
Jun 2022

Token Crowdsale

  • Phased pre-sale of SUSU Tokens
Aug 2022

Susu App

  • Live Operations begin
Jan 2023

Exchange Listing

  • SUSU Token trading on Crypto Exchanges.


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White Paper

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Privacy Policy

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