Dear Susumi Community,

We want to take this opportunity to provide you with an important update on the Susumi Platform.

Our journey thus far has been one of innovation and dedication, and today, we stand at the cusp of an exciting new chapter.

The Susumi Blockchain platform was born with a vision to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency fundraising through our innovative Decentralized Crowdfunding App, and the enigmatic Susumi Coin.

However, midway through our journey, we faced the unexpected challenge of a major security breach that compelled us to reevaluate, restructure, and now emerge stronger than ever.

We have conducted extensive audits to understand the full nature of that breach and to adopt measures to prevent any future incidents.

As a precautionary step, we suspended our operations and temporarily took the Susumi App offline to rebuild our smart contracts and improve security.

Our team is proud to announce today that the Susumi 2.0 Platform is in development and it will feature a totally re-imagined crowdfunding App with a new Susumi Coin.

With Susumi 2.0, we will deliver a fully redeveloped platform with new features that we are sure will take your fundraising experience to the next level.

We will introduce a new Susumi Token, a new App with improved UI/UX, and enhanced cybersecurity with AI.

Our upcoming platform will feature other new and unreleased features.

Whilst we have no definite timeline for completion and re-launch, we are planning a new funding round for Q1 2024.

We welcome all interested investors.
Please contact for details of available investment packages or if you have any concerns.

Susumi 2.0 is coming with a promise to make a significant difference in the fundraising space.
Stay tuned for further updates and thank you for supporting us.

The Susumi Team